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ÿþHandbags sold atwholesale prices are sold at lower longchamp outlet prices per unit than those sold in retailprices. Of course, you have to buy them by the bulk but if you really look atit, it means good business because you can sell at retail prices and earn aprofit from bulk purchases of handbags. The Handbag BusinessIs Easy to Set Up Besides, the handbagretail business is very easy to set up. Nowadays, you don't have to start onephysically. Traditional methods would require to rent a space in which to sellyour merchandise or to host weekly garage sales where you're going to sell yourhandbags to your prospects. That would be expensive, we'd be inclined to agree.

In it I described the experience I recently had in an LV store where the staff were not exacxtly falling over themselves to serve me, a mere male in a handbag store.But my answer would have to be a carefully restrained -- Maybe!Now the direct, and indirect, knowledge that I use for the answer to this question is pulled purely from longchamp handbags experiences and tales recounted by others involving Louis Vuitton stores. I cannot say for certain whether or not it applies to other designer labels -- although I strongly suspect it will do!Now at one time, store managers and assistants were held in the same revered light that doctors enjoyed.

What they said or reported was seen as longchamp travel bag gospel, never to be questioned, let alone doubted.But doctors are only human, bless 'em. They, like us, make mistakes and errors in judgement. (With the hours some of them have to work I'm not in the least little bit surprised!)In the olden days, when a doctor advised that little Johny was suffering nothing more than a slight fever and should be fed aspirin every fours hours until he perked up, no thought of questioning the diagnosis would occur to mom and dad -- even though they could see little Johny's leg was bent forwards 90 degrees at the knee and he kept fainting every time someone coughed near it!

Go into one of their longchamp neo stores and buy a bag there and then. As soon as you've been handed your receipt, try asking for a note from the sales assistant or manager, affirming the fact that this bag is an authentic item!They'll politely decline! (They'll also probably look at you as though you're totally bonkers, but don't worry about that, there are plenty more stores to go and buy from!)Not because they don't doubt the authenticty -- but because they aren't allowed to by company rules.I used to think that this was because they would never be sure that the letter or note of authenticity wouldn't then be copied or used to give a fake bag an incorrect "value", make it appear genuine and authentic.

So, before buying one, make sure to know what you are looking for and what is your budget. There are various websites available which showcase some of the finest Gucci handbags, so you can surf the net, feast your eyes and then go make a purchase at a GUCCI store or in your mall. In case you cant afford a Gucci handbag, you can always purchase a fake Gucci bag from the streets or online shopping sites. They do look almost like the original and only you know how real they are.

It isn't the largest store by far, being more of a concession stand size, situated just inside the main doors at the west of the main building. More than 15 longchamp sale people in there and the cat knows it safe from being swung, you'd never get it over your head to start with!Being as how I was going in during a snatched lunch hour between meetings, I was dressed in what would be described as City Worker style, i.e. short hair, smart dark suit, shirt and tie. Now I do fully understand that, in the pecking order of who gets served in a designer handbag shop fastest, I rank fairly close to the bottom of the ladder, if not being the one who actually holds the ladder for others to climb!

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